Course: Effortless Irrigation


Ready to gain back time and get your garden set up with irrigation?

Are you tired of spending hours each week watering your garden? Or tired of being outside when it's blazing hot? Or... have you held off from planting a garden because life feels too busy?

I completely understand and that is exactly why I created this online course, Effortless Irrigation. 

Watering is essential but can take so much time each and every day. But not all irrigation works for the home gardener.

In this course, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up the exact irrigation system that has allowed me to grow a thriving garden without physically watering every day!

→ Wouldn't you love to go on vacation without worrying about your plants dying?

→ Or wouldn't it just be nice to gain back time so you can focus more energy on other gardening tasks like planting and harvesting?

Once you set your garden up with irrigation and a timer that is what's possible!

Having a garden that is set up on irrigation and a timer is truly a game-changer!

So if you're ready to gain back time and grow a garden that gets watered without any effort it's time to join the course, Effortless Irrigation!

This course is going to walk you through every step of planning and installing irrigation in your home garden so that you can grow a thriving garden without spending hours watering.

You will also get an exact list of all of the irrigation parts needed, so there is no guesswork.


Research and Planning - In this section of the course we'll dive into the basics of irrigation systems. You'll learn how to assess your garden's watering needs, considering factors such as plant types, climate, and soil. Then I'll help guide you in drafting a plan for your irrigation system that suits your garden's specific requirements.

 ✅ Gathering Supplies and Preparing the Garden - This section will cover how to gather the necessary supplies for your chosen irrigation system. I'll provide tips on where to find quality materials and guide you through any preparatory steps required in your garden before installation.

Installation - In this section, I'll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your chosen system. From laying the main irrigation lines to positioning emitters, I'll ensure you have a solid understanding of the installation process.

Fine-Tuning and Maintenance - In this section, we'll focus on testing and fine-tuning your irrigation system to ensure it's functioning optimally. I'll address common troubleshooting issues and guide you through routine maintenance practices to keep your system running smoothly in the long run.

✅ Irrigation Parts Checklist - You will get an entire checklist of the exact irrigation parts and supplies that you need. Plus you can order online directly from the list and gets the parts shipped right to your doorstep!

You will get access to an online course guiding you through all of the steps of setting up irrigation and a timer in your home garden.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Beth R
Really Great!

I figured when I finally was able to get back to the garden, (spinal fusion at spine base), it would be stupid simple for me to accomplish. O-o-oh brother! What I have realized is that redesigning my garden area and building more raised beds will make it much easier to plan.

I have a 25' x 170' garden planted in rows like my farm fields I've planted north to south, my whole life! So I will begin with the raised beds and with the changed plans, then move on to the corn, potatoes, and beans. Needless to say the garden will be ultra small this year. I lost last years garden because of my back.

I really can't wait to get started with the equipment that I have ready to go. It will be a test for next year when I am back to a full garden!!! So excited! Thanks for your help, hints, and insight.
Mary Beth Royal

Jill Stewart
Garden irrigation

Thank you for the knowledge and am currently redoing our watering system. Was super frustrated from other systems that I started hand watering 2 years ago. It’s just too hot in the summer for all that

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