Masterclass: How to Start & Grow a Raised Bed Garden


This is your complete training on how to successfully start and grow a raised bed garden.

Raised bed gardening is one of the most popular gardening methods and it's no wonder why. 

✓ It's easier on your back.

✓ It makes planting & harvesting easier.

✓ It keeps your plants nicely contained in one area.

✓ As well as many other benefits.

This masterclass will give you actionable tips and advice whether you are just a beginner gardener or consider yourself a pro!


 The pros and cons of raised bed gardening and how to decide if it's a right fit for you and your gardening goals.

 Where to put your raised beds and a walkthrough of different raised bed options whether you are wanting to buy them or build them yourself. 

 How to fill your raised beds and a formula that will help you figure out the correct amount of soil to get in yards and cubic feet (no more guesswork). 

How to choose the best plants to put in your raised beds, a list of varieties better suited for smaller spaces, and the difference between different plant varieties that take up less space. 

How to maximize your space with companion planting and succession planting strategies. As well as how to implement vertical growing when possible. 

You will get a video masterclass teaching you how to successfully start and grow a raised bed garden as well as a complimenting PDF checklist of raised bed essentials.

This masterclass is hosted on our course platform, ThriveCart. Once you checkout you will receive an email from Audrey Crawford with login details. If you already have an account on our course site, you can log in here. This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship

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Tom Newton

Excellent. Love Audrey's teaching!

I want the raised garden class but my bill keeps raising and won’t let me pay 5.00

See above

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