Masterclass: Molting Season Basics


Tips & advice to help your flock through molting season so they can get their feathers back as quickly as possible.

Molting season is a tough time for us as chicken keepers and for our flock. In this masterclass, I will go over everything to expect during molt, such as why there is a decrease in egg production. 

As well as all of the best practices and foods to feed that will provide your hens with the best health and help them get their feathers back as quickly as possible.  


The basics of molting, such as why & when it happens, and what to expect.

Tips for helping, and handling your flock during their molt.

Feed and diet changes for optimal health & feather growth.

You will get access to our video masterclass about helping your flock through molting season, as well as a complimenting PDF guide of molting season tips and essentials.

This masterclass is hosted on our course platform, ThriveCart. Once you checkout you will receive an email from Audrey Crawford with login details. If you already have an account on our course site, you can log in here. This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship

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