Course: Vegetable Gardening Made Easy


Ready for a clear and simple system that will walk you through every step of growing a successful vegetable garden?

That is exactly what my online course, Vegetable Gardening Made Easy, is all about! Here are just a few benefits of growing your own vegetable garden. 

✓ Cut trips to the grocery store.

✓ Save money.

✓ Learn valuable skills.

✓ De-stress.

✓ Spend time with family, (it's a hobby everyone can enjoy)!

This course is beneficial and provides great tips and strategies whether you are just getting started, or consider yourself a master gardener.


✅ How to start your garden from scratch. Everything from where to put your garden, how to test your soil, what type of soil to use, different gardening beds, and more. 

How to maximize your space. Small space? No problem. I show you multiple ways to get your garden going even if you only have a small area to plant. 

✅ How to get your watering automated. Watering your garden can be time consuming and a hassle if you're out of town. So I share how I've set my garden up with a timer and irrigation so it's completely automated. 

✅ How to use succession and companion planting. These are two planting strategies that can help you grow healthier crops and extend your harvests all season long. 

✅ How to to treat and prevent weeds & pests. Two of the most frustrating and devastating parts to a garden can be weeds and pests. I teach your tried and true methods for both preventing and treating them. 

✅ Tips for starting seeds and transplanting. Starting your seeds correctly and transplanting are both important steps to have healthy plants. This course will give your tips and instructions for both. 

Harvesting tips. The best part of growing your own garden is harvesting your fresh fruits and veggies. You will learn harvesting tips for different plant varieties so that you can get the most use from your plants. 

You will get access to an online course guiding you through all of the steps of starting and growing a successful vegetable garden.

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Course: Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

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